Valentine’s Day Tree!

My 6 year old’s favorite holiday is probably Valentine’s Day. I think it has to do with all the pink heart decorations ­čśŐ. This year, we’re hosting a Valentine’s Day play date with some of her friends. When I think about Valentine’s Day, I think about┬álots of┬ápink and red hearts (it’s probably the same for most people!). That’s what so great about holiday parties, the theme is already picked out. All you have to do it focus on bringing the theme to life. Continue reading “Valentine’s Day Tree!”

Pink and Gold Christmas

I had major computer issues during the holidays which is why I am SO late with this Christmas post! I thought about saving it for next Christmas but, since Christmas is by far my favorite holiday I didn’t want to wait.

I know some people are annoyed when stores hang Christmas decorations, sell Christmas merchandise and play Christmas music before Thanksgiving is over. Me? I love it! Christmas comes and goes so fast that I don’t mind stretching it out a bit longer than necessary. This past year, I was in Michael’s with my daughter a couple of weeks before Thanksgiving and it was already full with Christmas merchandise, which led to my most recent inspiration. Continue reading “Pink and Gold Christmas”