Butterfly Garden Party


I am very excited to share with you the Butterfly Garden theme party from Wavey’s 2nd Birthday.  I always wanted to design a butterfly party because butterflies are so fun and pretty (and I LOVE pretty things!).  There’s something magical about those feather light wings and, they make me smile!  I think it is the perfect theme for a little girl’s party.  Continue reading “Butterfly Garden Party”

Lalaloopsy Inspired 1st Birthday



My younger daughter, Wavey, celebrates her birthday just 2 weeks after her big sister LaLa, which means every year I am planning two birthday parties at the same time.  While the kids are little, I’m trying to keep their birthday parties separate because I want them to have a special day just to themselves.  I’m sure as they get older, combining their birthday parties will make a lot more sense (and be a lot less stressful)!

For Wavey’s first birthday, LaLa and I decided on a Lalaloopsy inspired party especially because of the fun and colorful outfits of all the characters (and, LaLa loved the show).  As much as I loved all of the colorful outfits, I wanted to stick with just a couple of colors for the decor.  So, we chose the Crumbs Sugar Cookie Lalaloopsy character as our inspiration.  Her primary colors are yellow and pink with a touch of black.  We decided it would be a pink and yellow party.


To commemorate each month leading up to Wavey’s first birthday, I created a “growing” tree with 12 pictures from each month as the “fruit” for the tree.  It was very easy to do and I loved the result. Unfortunately, I’m writing this post after I finished all of the decorations so I can’t provide step by step instructions with pictures.  For future parties, I will definitely try to take pictures as I work on the decorations. But, I will try to explain what I did below and hopefully it will be helpful.   Continue reading “Lalaloopsy Inspired 1st Birthday”

Sleeping Beauty Inspired Party


For LaLa’s 4th birthday party, she asked for a Sleeping Beauty themed party. This wasn’t surprising especially because she was going through her princess phase. Not only did she want a princess themed party, she wanted it to be “super fun.”  With this in mind, she asked to have it at one of her favorite places, an inflatable indoor playground venue called Pump-It-Up. It was a little stressful figuring out how to get all of the decorations set up in time for the party (there are back-to-back parties so you have very little time to set up) but thanks to the staff of Pump-It-Up and my amazing husband, Jack, we were able to set everything up just in time for the party guests to enter the party room.   Continue reading “Sleeping Beauty Inspired Party”