Pink and Gold Christmas

I had major computer issues during the holidays which is why I am SO late with this Christmas post! I thought about saving it for next Christmas but, since Christmas is by far my favorite holiday I didn’t want to wait.

I know some people are annoyed when stores hang Christmas decorations, sell Christmas merchandise and play Christmas music before Thanksgiving is over. Me? I love it! Christmas comes and goes so fast that I don’t mind stretching it out a bit longer than necessary. This past year, I was in Michael’s with my daughter a couple of weeks before Thanksgiving and it was already full with Christmas merchandise, which led to my most recent inspiration.

While LaLa and I were looking at the Christmas decor, she spotted a gorgeous pink and gold Christmas frame. I usually stick with red, gold and silver for Christmas but the pink and gold combination was too cute to resist. So, we bought the frame and decided that at least one of the rooms in our house would be decorated in pink and gold. I also thought that maybe I could use some of the decorations for the Valentine’s decorations.

I made the pink Christmas trees and wreath out of felt after seeing the same idea on other sites. I will provide the instructions in a separate post.

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