Paper Pom-Pom Centerpiece


For LaLa’s 5th birthday party, I made paper pom-pom centerpieces as decorations for the dessert table (see my earlier post “5th Birthday – Rainbow Party).  As promised, here are the very easy instructions for the centerpieces.

Supplies Required

One paper pom-pom (Party City)
One wood dowel
White acrylic paint
Paint brush
Tape (not shown in picture)
Small vase/container for pom-pom to stand in
Small piece of Styrofoam (to put in vase to hold pom-pom)
Craft balls  


Step 1 – Paint the wood dowel white (or any color you prefer). Let dry.

Step 2 – Shorten the pom-pom to the extent you want a smaller pom-pom. The diameter of the pom-pom in the picture is 12 inches.

Step 3 – Tape one end of the dowel securely at the fold of the paper pom-pom and wrap the white string that is attached to the pom-pom around the dowel to also help secure the pom-pom in place.


Step 4 – Open the pom-pom.

Step 5 – Shape the Styrofoam to fit inside the vase and place inside.



Step 6 – To secure the Styrofoam in place, place craft balls in the vase between the Styrofoam and the walls of the vase.


Step 7 – Stick the dowel (now with the pom-pom attached) into the vase.


Step 8 – Fill the vase with additional craft balls so that the Styrofoam does not show. You may want to glue the craft balls in place.


All done!


I hope you like your creation!

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