Lalaloopsy Inspired 1st Birthday



My younger daughter, Wavey, celebrates her birthday just 2 weeks after her big sister LaLa, which means every year I am planning two birthday parties at the same time.  While the kids are little, I’m trying to keep their birthday parties separate because I want them to have a special day just to themselves.  I’m sure as they get older, combining their birthday parties will make a lot more sense (and be a lot less stressful)!

For Wavey’s first birthday, LaLa and I decided on a Lalaloopsy inspired party especially because of the fun and colorful outfits of all the characters (and, LaLa loved the show).  As much as I loved all of the colorful outfits, I wanted to stick with just a couple of colors for the decor.  So, we chose the Crumbs Sugar Cookie Lalaloopsy character as our inspiration.  Her primary colors are yellow and pink with a touch of black.  We decided it would be a pink and yellow party.


To commemorate each month leading up to Wavey’s first birthday, I created a “growing” tree with 12 pictures from each month as the “fruit” for the tree.  It was very easy to do and I loved the result. Unfortunately, I’m writing this post after I finished all of the decorations so I can’t provide step by step instructions with pictures.  For future parties, I will definitely try to take pictures as I work on the decorations. But, I will try to explain what I did below and hopefully it will be helpful.  

Here goes … I used fabric in a yellow gingham pattern for the background.  The leaves were made up of hot pink paper fans that I bought from Party City.  I glued the fans to the fabric in the shape of a tree.  For the tree trunk, I used branches that I found in our yard.  I used a vase that I had to hold all the branches.  Finally, I hung pictures on the branches with a ribbon.  Like I said, very easy!



Instead of a regular table, I used a bar that we had to display the growing tree.  To cover the front of the bar, I made a tutu skirt that I absolutely love!  Here is the link to the instructions for the skirt.  (  I loved the idea so much that I made a second skirt for the dessert table.  The skirts were easy to make and it did not require a sewing machine.  The downside is that it took A LOT of time.  I probably spent about 10 hours on both table skirts.  Also, I needed a lot more tulle than the instructions called for because I wanted the skirts to be very full.


Here are a few more pictures from the party.








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