Sleeping Beauty Inspired Party


For LaLa’s 4th birthday party, she asked for a Sleeping Beauty themed party. This wasn’t surprising especially because she was going through her princess phase. Not only did she want a princess themed party, she wanted it to be “super fun.”  With this in mind, she asked to have it at one of her favorite places, an inflatable indoor playground venue called Pump-It-Up. It was a little stressful figuring out how to get all of the decorations set up in time for the party (there are back-to-back parties so you have very little time to set up) but thanks to the staff of Pump-It-Up and my amazing husband, Jack, we were able to set everything up just in time for the party guests to enter the party room.  

The goal for all my parties is to use some store bought decorations but to also incorporate other design elements inspired by the theme that was chosen. For the Sleeping Beauty inspired party, I used pink (of course) for the main color but also gold for the accents.  (I try to stick with just two colors for my parties.)  I used A LOT of pink because pink was and still is LaLa’s favorite color … what do you expect from a princess???


img_3307For the desserts, not only did we have birthday cake and cupcakes, I also had personalized cookies and cake pops. It’s a birthday party, you can’t possibly have too much sugar! The great thing about having lots of desserts was that I was able to incorporate all of the treats into the design for the dessert table. I used gold picture frames as “dishes” for the cookies and made a cake pop stand for the cake pops.  I used a piece of styrofoam that I cut into a rectangle.  I then wrapped it with hot pink gift wrap paper and tied it with a gold ribbon.  I made holes in the “stand” just deep enough so that the cake pops would stay in place.  Super easy!  Here are a few pictures of the cake pop stand and personalized tiara cookies.img_3389









The venue did not allow us to hang anything on the walls so I had to come up with an idea for a backdrop for the dessert table. I searched online and came across different ideas for a backdrop made with PVC pipes that can be purchased from your local hardware store.  I found an idea that would work with a few tweaks.  I have to thank my husband, Jack, for actually going to the hardware store and putting together the backdrop! I will provide instructions for the backdrop in a separate post.

To add more gold to the table, I bought unfinished wood picture frames and covered them with gold glitter. I put LaLa’s picture in the frames and also made a thank you sign for the favor table.

img_3335Talking about the favor bags, I bought small buckets for each of the kids and used my electronic cutting machine (I have the Silhouette Cameo) to personalize each bucket with the name of each guest. I think it paid off because the kids were super excited to see their names on the buckets!

img_3320One of my favorite decorative pieces was the life-sized Sleeping Beauty that I was able to order from Oriental Trading. LaLa LOVED her Sleeping Beauty and the kids were in awe when they saw her.


I hope you liked the party!


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